Ivan von Shellshocktonberg



Physical description




 Eye Colour



3m (10 feet)

 Occupation Exterminator


 Current status


Shellshock is one of the longest running exterminators at DreadZone. He joined years back, not long after the first season of DreadZone... as he wanted a new job in 'getting revenge on the worlds he hated' and to have a chance to take down 'wee little girly men and sissies'. Gleeman Vox hired him without hesitation and he was quick to become a bit hit on the DreadZone channel, defeating many heroes that dared to take him on at the Battledome. Despite his low intelligence, he was one of the most dangerous robots in the galaxy and wasn't someone to take lightly when it came to combat.

Years later, Ace Hardlight became his new 'captain'; the Captain of the Exterminators. Shellshock didn't mind Ace, even though Ace disliked him and thought he was stupid. But Shellshock seemed to have respected him either way. Probably because of the high number of hero kills he had, which he wanted to try and match up to someday. However, he is destroyed in the 6th season of DreadZone by Ratchet... even after fleeing the first 3 rounds against the lombax to power himself up for the next fight.

I have yet to draw these 3 Exterminators (Shellshock, Reactor and Eviscerator!)

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