Dull Reactor Bookworm



Physical description




 Eye Colour



3.65m (12 feet)

 Occupation Exterminator


 Current status


Reactor joined DreadZone sometime during the 3rd season, and was one of Shellshocks good pals who he often carpooled with. Reactor joined, in hope to become a homicidal, gladiator superstar to try and gain back the love from his 'former girlfriend', Courtney Gears. He once was a High school math teacher at the planet Kronos, and Country disliked his job... calling him pathetic... so he wanted to try and get a 'cool' job, which he started to after getting a nuclear reactor implanted into his robotic chest and then manages to join DreadZone with the help of Shellshock, thus... becoming a new and deadly Exterminator.

he was hugely successful, like Shellshock and became one of the high ranking contestants. Vox was impressed and allowed Reactor to become an official Exterminator gang member. And of course, he becomes rich as well... thus, luring Country Gears back into his arms to be his girlfriend once again. Though it appeared she only went with him for his money and fame but he didn't seem to care, as long as she was there with him.

Unfortunately for Reactor, he is eventually defeated by Ratchet during the 6th season of DreadZone, completely surprising many across the galaxy.

I have yet to draw these 3 Exterminators (Shellshock, Reactor and Eviscerator!)

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