President Phyronix

President Phyronix


Physical description





Late 40's

 Eye Colour



2.05m (6.7 feet)

 Occupation Solana Galactic President

Solana Goverment

 Current status


"I would’ve called Secret Agent Clank and his chauffeur to come help, or even my personal favourite – Captain Qwark! But hey, you’re still a fine fighter yourself!”
~Phyronix after Ace saves his life

Mr Phyronix is from the planet Marcadia, and also the President of the Solana galaxy for a number of years. He is often rather naive though, and believes that Clank is a real Secret Agent (thanks to the holovision show Clank stars in) and he also firmly believes Captain Qwark is the true hero of the galaxy, and doesn't seem to notice that it's Ratchet who has lead the way to saving the galaxy. However, he is a very kind person and is very well liked by his people, and the citizens of the Solana galaxy. He also has a daughter by the name of Sasha, she also once was the girlfriend of Ratchet, though their relationship only lasted about a year, and the President was a bit unsure about her dating Secret Agent Clank's 'chauffeur'.

He wasn't in ruling during the time while the Sonic 7 and Ace Hardlight were famous, so he doesn't know them very well... until he sees them someday, in the Solana galaxy many years later...

The President isn't really in the story much, but he does have a 'kind of' important part later on. He is also one of the few Presidents who doesn't mind Ace's help... well, at least that's how it seems at first...

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