Leera Lashclaw

Leera Lashclaw
Leera Lashclaw


Physical description






 Eye Colour



2.48m (8.1 feet)


925kg (2041 lb)

 Occupation Galactic Mercenary 'animal companion'
 Weapon of Choice

Horns and Brute strength


The Seven Seekers

 Current status


Leera is a female maulkat, a powerful and loyal species native to the planet Vaelidius. She is like the family 'pet' after arriving into the team along with Jenna and Jake. Leera was only a cub at the time.

Her species is very unique and can be known to the Vaelidian people as their 'best friend', much like how dogs can be considered Man's best friend... except they're so much more than just a household pet. They're actually a domesticated species, first tamed over 20,000 years ago; so they are highly intelligent for an animal, and can be easily trained by a vaelidian. They also grow at the same rate as their people companions and live just as long, so they usually die when their masters die. The Maulkat also becomes incredibly large once fully grown, with males weighing close to a ton. They were often used for war and fighting, heavy pulling and racing up steep, rigged mountains and canyons. Sometimes hunting as well but once technology got far ahead, they didn't need to be used for it much anymore, but sometimes the people still did for fun and sport.


Leera was part of Jake and Jenna's family before they were sent away from their home planet. She settled in well with the Sonic 6 team, and was even eager to be part of the action and adventure, so Kurt and Aster designed her some battle armor. She was fierce in combat and would help with taking down many robot and alien foes alike, even though she wasn't fully grown at the time but still dangerous and strong and she enjoyed fighting for the team. Once she was big enough, Jenna was able to ride on her, although none of the other team members could do so yet.
Leera as an adolecent maulkat. She is 18 years old here, and still has another 6 years before she is fully mature.

Once Ace ran away from the Sonic 7, Leera didn't truly notice what was going on, but she could sense the tension within the family and the stress... knowing that something bad had happened, but didn't exactly understand what and after Ace was gone for a while, she noticed this and even would try to look for him each morning, but to no avail.

Weapons and abilities
Leera doesn't use any artificial weapons like the other team members.

Leera was the last member of the Sonic7/Seven Seekers I created. She was originally going to be a 'Cuddly Hound of Doom' (a species seen in Ratchet & Clank 2) but thankfully she wasn't! The 'maulkat' design and idea is inspired by the snow leopard and puma/cougar, but the species has hooves and horns, and they are omnivorous. But mostly eat meat.

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