Kurt Swiftblade

Kurt Swiftblade


Physical description






 Eye Colour

Dark blue


2.28m (7.4 feet)


210kg (462 lb)

 Occupation Galactic Mercenary
 Weapon of Choice

Dual Laserblades


The Seven Seekers

 Current status


urt Swiftblade is the eldest in the Seeker Team; the one who formed the 'Sonic 7' team years ago, after teaming up with Bettilena, Aster and eventually, bringing Jake, Lira, Jenna and Ace into the team. He comes from the Polaris Galaxy; planet Igliak, once working for the Polaris Police Force as an officer. Though he had no choice but to flee once the police force was almost wiped out by Emperor Tachyon's army, many years ago when the Lombaxes were forced to flee as well.

He was also the one who decided to adopt Ace from the Bolden 3 orphanage. Ace was almost like a son to him, seeing as he raised him from a young age and he trained him to be a superhero... and over time, Ace outclassed and outpaced him in almost every way. Kurt was very skilled with martial arts and the designing of weaponry, and one thing he was a master with, was sword-combat.

Though once Bolden 3 was destroyed, and after Ace disappeared from the team and galaxy... Kurt and his team were forced to step down from their heroic duties and do community service for 10 years. (as the judge wasn't sure who was responsible for Bolden 3's destruction... believing it was Ace's fault, as he was the one who fled and ended up at DreadZone...)
Several years later, he finds out information of Ace's survival after DreadZone. This surprises Kurt, but the news also brings him hope for Ace. Especially once he hears about Ace's good behaviour in prison, helping stop Kerchu and other villainous species from escaping. Even defending the guards in the process. Kurt convinces Judith the Judge to free Ace from Zordoom Prison, for rehabilitation. At first, Ace is very uneasy and feels awkward around the team again after so long, and Kurt knows. But over time, Ace proves himself to the whole team that he has changed since his DreadZone ways, and so the whole group renames themselves, the Seven Seekers.

Native to an unknown planet in the Polaris Galaxy, he spent his teenage hood working alongside the Polaris galactic police force in training, hoping to one day become part of the real job. He ended up with the job successfully in his early adulthood but unfortunately during this time; the evil Emperor Tachyon invaded the Polaris Galaxy, hell-bent on destroying the Lombax race.
The Polaris Police couldn't stand a chance against the mass invasion that Tachyon has pounded on them, so the police force was torn down and almost whipped out, leaving Kurt with no choice but to flee or be executed by Tachyon's forces.

During his time of fleeing, he came across Bettilena and she joined him on his quest for salvation from the war of Polaris, and once they reached the Solana galaxy, Aster joined as well, after Kurt and Betty save his life. He and the rest of his small team are very successful in the Solana galaxy and become popular for helping out other planets in need, and once they had enough bolts from their missions, he purchases a starcruiser, which he and the team modify and then rename it the Sonic Starfighter.
And as time goes by, they get the next 3 members of the team (Jake, Jenna and Lira) and then finally he decides to adopt Ace into the 'family' after visiting Bolden 3, because the team wanted to adopt a new member, after a big accident involving the destruction of a planet in a mission, while saving a starcruiser.

Kurt is an important member to the team, and often leads the way with missions and teaches other members of the team how to fight well in melee combat and how to use weapons of all sorts, ranging from basic laser pistols, to sniping and even hand held weapons, such as his powerful Dual Laserblades he handcrafted himself. When not powered up, they look like usual metallic swords with a razersharp design but once powered up, the metal glows a bright red and can slice through even the toughest of metals.
He was Ace Hardlight's mentor in his earlier years, until Ace surpasses him in strength and combat, surprising Kurt but he didn't mind, and was rather proud instead. Until the next disastrous accident, involving the destruction of Bolden 3... he is very upset and immediately starts the removal and disposal of their top weapon, as it's proved far too dangerous to keep onboard. Kurt is just as hurt as the rest of the team is, but is more worried about Ace's state of mind and tries to stop Ace from leaving to team, trying to tell him that it wasn't Ace's fault, but he suddenly leaves... but believes Ace just needed some time alone and would return when he calmed down a bit.

Unfortunately he was wrong...

Ace never returned and the team grew worried. They searched all over the galaxy but couldn't find a trace of him nor his ship. Until finally, the Solana Police capture them and they're taken into custody. However, they're not sentenced to imprisonment... because Ace Hardlight wasn't there and the judge believed it was Ace's fault, even though the team pleaded to the judge that it wasn't. But the Judge didn't believe them of course as it was Ace who ran away, out of the public eye.
The team was sentenced to 10 years of community service, which didn't seem bad since they liked to work for the people... and they were more worried about Ace, especially Kurt. Until they finally hear rumors about Ace being on a gladiator reality show named Dreadzone... Kurt is shocked to see this and feels helpless that he cant find a way to help Ace escape, as no one around knew where Dreadzone was and that it was on the outskirts of the Solana galaxy, a lawless area meaning even the Police force wouldn't go after him. And as more time goes by, he is deeply disturbed when he sees the final episode of the season, as Ace kills the last few heroes and didn't show any signs of regret.

Kurt thought now that there was no hope for Ace ever getting back into the team, and the rest of the team were bitter and upset at what happened. They wanted to forget about what they saw that day. But Kurt still believed there was a small chance of hope for Ace and their family team, but not for a long time yet....

Kurt is a well-manered and intelligent markazian.

Weapons and abilities
Kurt has a lot of experience with a whole range of weaponry. 

I designed Kurt to be like the mentor of the team, and like a 'futuristic Kung fu warrior' (lol) that helps train some of the other members in the team. I also am unsure if the male Markazians have tails, but I think it suits his character and lifestyle, since he's swift and reasonably agile... and a tail could aid him with that.

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