Juanita Alvaro

Juanita Alvaro


Physical description




 Eye Colour

Bright blue


1.93m (6.3 feet)

 Occupation Holovision Anchorwoman
 Weapon of Choice



Vox Media Empire

 Current status


"Aww really? Surely someone like you would have something to do… if I could, I would go organic for you…"
~Juanita talking with Ace.

Juanita is the anchorwoman of Vox news, working alongside Dallas in her job. She joined DreadZone with Dallas, after finding out there were job positions in the news department, which they qualified for and they joined without hesitation, as they were also big fans of the DreadZone channel and both were fans of Ace Hardlight.


"DreadZone fans, the moment you've been waiting for is here at last. In a mere two weeks, Captain Starshield has obliterated every DreadZone record ever set. He has proved so unstoppable that even the Exterminators themselves are refusing to fight him. All except for Ace Hardlight, of course. The brave, handsome, sweet, virile, hunky Ace Hardlight. Oooh, just saying his name gives me shivers of joy."
~Juanita obsessing over Ace.

Before gaining a job at DreadZone, she once was a host for a reality dating show called "Love Bytes", exclusively for robots. Some speculate that she left the job after setting her eyes on Ace Hardlight; seeing him in action on DreadZone, killing other contestants in the blood-sport. She was desperate to meet him in person, but had no links to DZ what so ever. At least until she meet Dallas, whom helped her get a job with him at DreadZone and so, they did.

However, she shows far more liking towards Ace than Dallas, and seems to be very obsessed with him; loving him for his sadistic nature and kills at DreadZone and she would always try to flirt with him whenever they saw each other in the DreadZone station. Ace didn't flirt with her in return though, but he tolerated her and appreciated her support, - as she was possibly the only female supporter he had during his DreadZone years.

She would also always leave him gifts in his locker, mostly useless gifts that Ace threw in the rubbish bin until she left him an illegal and extremely powerful weapon mod, known as the 'Quantum-Demoleculizer'. A one shot, one kill weapon mod. Ace wasn't even sure if it'll work at first, but didn't hesitate to try it out during the final episode of DreadZone in season 5... and it worked. Killing and vaporizing Captain Starshield instantly. Juanita was over the moon with this last hero kill of the 5th season.

Even though Dallas constantly flirted with her and irritated her to the point in which she slaps him across the face, she still would be near his side almost all the time... and would sometimes be nice to him when they agreed with a topic, but she would still prefer to be with Ace if she ever had the chance. And as Ratchet ended up at DreadZone, she would always say sadistic and cruel things about him, hoping he'd die a painful death during the challenges and making up bogus stories and lies about him on Vox news, along with Dallas... as they both disliked Ratchet and preferred Ace Hardlight, trying to drown down Ratchet's rising popularity, as they noticed Ace was starting to become very unpopular at the time.

Juanita is the only known fangirl of Ace (during DreadZone) in the whole entire R&C series... at least, in canon!

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