Jenna Joltstride

Jenna Joltstride
Jenna Joltstride


Physical description






Eye Colour

Light Green


2.33m (7.6 feet)


284kg (626 lb)

Occupation Galactic Mercenary
Weapon of Choice

Plasma Whips


The Seven Seekers

Current status


Jenna Jolstride is the younger sister of Jake, both of whom are part of the Seven Seekers. She specializes in using her pair of Plasma whip against foes, making her the best at using them in the team thanks to Kurt's training over the years.
Along with the whip she can use a variety of physical moves for close range such as kick boxing. However, she is very inexperienced when it comes to using guns - as she appears to have a sort of unexplained phobia of using then. So she avoids using them, as whenever she tries to aim, she will always be completely off target and shot in the wrong direction, sometimes even endangering innocent lives. She also cant attack with a Sonic-jet and usually prefers to only pilot them, while Jake or someone else commands the firepower instead.

Jenna has changed much over the years. Ever since the Bolden 3 disaster and the teams conviction; the tea, she was a part of were sentenced to doing community service. Their work last long enough for them to try and move on from Ace's DreadZone horrors and his eventual death... well at least she and the Sonic 6 thought he was dead. They now called themselves the Six Seekers; with the absence of Ace. But much later on, Kurt finds out some astounding news. Ace is still alive, and is currently serving time in Zordoom Prison. She doesn't want to believe it at first, and she (as well as some of the other Seekers) protest that Ace stay in prison, and never be allowed back into the team. Like Jake, she was angered about what he did at DreadZone, but Kurt believed that Ace had changed now; after hearing about his good behavior in prison. Eventually, Ace is allowed back into the team family after a successful rehabilitation, but she and Jake are hostile towards him for the first 2 weeks. Even after he proves himself against the Amoeboid Mafia and help fend off a Space Pirate attack. She simply won't believe he has changed since his DreadZone days... at least until they finally talk head-on. Jenna may come off as a bit cold and stubborn upon first glance, but she truly isn't as cold as she makes out to be. She is a kind and caring person who'll go out of her way to help and cheer up others who aren't feeling too good about themselves and life - something she got from Betty while growing up.


She has a calm and mature type of personality, but is generally cheerful, caring and easy going, getting along well with the team and sharing a close bond with her older brother Jake. But during her early years, when she first joined the Sonic team with her brother and family pet, she was usually quiet and wouldn't talk with anyone, besides her brother. Until she finally grew attached to Betty for her kindness and motherly nature, and Aster for his comical side and Kurt for his mentor-like ways. Once Ace joined the team, she didn't like him too much at first and they were around the same age, except she was just under a year older than him. They would often argue and fight, like young troublesome kids but as they got older, they started to get along and the 3 (Jake, Jenna and Ace) would always hang out together, looking for adventure and building up their skills.Jenna as an 18 year old Sonic 7 heroine.

Jenna was around 18 now and loved her life with the Sonic 7 and enjoyed helping out other people in need and fighting foes with her plasma whip and vehicle control skills, and enjoying the fortune and praise... up until the Bolden 3 disaster, anyhow...
She was deeply saddened, just as much as the rest of the team but she knew that it hurt Ace the most, since the orphanage was there, the place that took him in, and the place he poured so much charity work into. It was even harder for her when Ace decided to leave the team, as he felt that it was his fault for the planets destruction. Jenna tried to tell Ace that it isn't his fault and that it was an accident, but to no avail and then Ace leaves...

For a while, she is very concerned about him and even more so when she learns that he's stuck at a place called Dreadzone, but the worry is quickly turned to anger and shock when she and the rest of the team realize Ace has gone bad now, becoming a hero killing gladiator rather than trying to escape. She and her brother are very upset about this, as if things couldn't get worse for the team... she decides that she never wants to see Ace again, and hopes that he is never let back into the team if that ever were to happen...

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Weapons and abilities
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Jenna is the second to last creation I came up with for the team. I wanted at least 2 of the other team members to be the same species as Ace. During the early stages of her development, she was originally not going to be a 'love interest' in any way. And she was also going to be a different species! Something that looked similar to a verpardi, but with a long tail and fur. But I changed that early, and made her who she is now. Thank goodness for that! You may see some early drawings of her around, which show her with a tail and a different look.

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