Jake Jetspeed

Jake Jetspeed
Jake Jetspeed


Physical description






 Eye Colour



2.55m (8.36 feet)


348kg (767 lb)

 Occupation Galactic Mercenary, Skyboarder
 Weapon of Choice

Pulse Pistols


The Seven Seekers

 Current status


Jake is the oldest of the verpardi in the team, and the brother of Jenna. He is a fun loving guy who is usually cheerful, cheeky and smart mouthed... and is the true definition of a 'Big Kid'. However, he's a talented aimer with his weaponry and skilled Skyboarder, which happens to be his main hobby and often likes to challenge others in Skyboarding races at different planets, when he gets the chance. Sometimes even with Kurt or Ace, in their spare time. He has a medium build, but is quite small compared with Ace's muscular build and sometimes even feels a bit jealous about that, when Ace attracts more 'fan-girl' attention than he does. Even so Jake did have a girlfriend in his twenties, but their relationship didn't last long because he was too busy on missions with the Sonic 7.

But he does hope that one day they'll end up finding the verpardi home planet, Vaelidius. So that he could find somebody of his own kind to settle down with.

During his early life, he was an inhabitant on the planet Vaelidius, the home of his race. He grew up on his home planet, until around the age of 11... when he was unfortunately forced by his parents to leave in a small spaceshuttle, with his young sister Jenna and their household pet, Lira. Times were not good on their planet so they had to leave, as their parents explained and they told him to never return, not until 'someone from their world tells them to'.
Jake is reluctantly sent off away from the planet with his sister and pet, upset and angered. They spend a few months in space, unsure of where they were even heading and Jake had no idea how to control the ship at all... luckily their ship was big enough to live in, with plenty of recourses but he grew concerned about them running out and not finding any civilians anytime soon.

That's until they finally encounter the Sonic Starfighter. Bettilena rescues them as their spaceshuttle comes close to the starfighter and they're welcomed into the new family... Jake is quite shy with these new people, but quickly becomes very fond of the team and finally starts to smile again after so long. Life is now pleasant again but he still longed for his home now and then, worried about what was going after he left. The Sonic 6 even tried to track down Vaelidius, but to no avail. Kurt believed it may be in another galaxy... but no one knew for certain and that it may have been destroyed instead.

Later, their family is now called the Sonic 6 and Ace is finally adopted into the team as well, after a big accident. Jake is about 13 at the time and welcomes Ace in, noticing that he is a young Vaelidian, like his sister (who was a bit older than Ace). He even refers to Ace as 'little bro', though Ace didn't take it lightly at first and often said "I'm not your brother...!" in a moody way. But as they grew, Ace became more well behaved and Jake was now like a brother to him, while Jenna was a lot like a sister to him as well. And Jake still continued to call him little bro, until Ace finally grew older and suddenly became a lot taller than him, even stronger too. Jake now just called him bro. Slightly envious of Ace's success in fights and missions. Ace was even more mature minded than Jake himself, but he still got along well with him and they often hung out together along with Jenna when they had spare time.

However, after Ace leaves during the aftermath of the accidental destruction of Bolden 3 and finding out about his 'imprisonment' at dreadzone, he like the rest are worried and concerned... up until they see the final episode anyway. He is extremely disappointed and let down by Ace, and doesn't like to think of him as the young brother anymore, but he did miss having him around when they would all hang out together and have fun during their relaxing days in the family.

Jake is

Weapons and abilities

Jake is another I wanted to add, since I wanted at least 2 of the other Sonic 7 members to be the same race as Ace. However, I obviously had to make up their race name because Ace's is unknown and I didn't want to have to keep referring to his kind as "unknown species" throughout the whole story. So I just developed it a bit myself, the word Verpardi and Vaelidius do have meanings too, they're not just random words. Also created an 'actual' home planet for his race, it's an important factor to the storyline so... yeah...! (kind of like how later on, it's revealed that Ratchet originally came from Fastoon, and not Veldin)

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