Gleeman Vox

Gleeman Vox


Physical description






 Eye Colour



2m (6.5 feet)



 Occupation Media Mongul (also a part-time Pornographic Connoisseur)
 Weapon of Choice

DreadZone HV Mech


Vox Industries

 Current status


"Will you lose your lunch if you have to watch one more reality dating show? Is your 'Blargs Gone Wild' video scratched from overuse? Then it's time to turn that dial to something a little more... dangerous. Time for some real action... It's TIME TO BLOW **** UP! That's right! It's time for... DreadZone!"
~Gleeman Vox

Gleeman Vox is an evil businessman, who formed the illegal combat blood sport, known as DreadZone. He also owned his own industry - named Vox Industries which features Holovision shows, including the DreadZone channel, Vox News, Galaxies most painful home videos, Temptation Asteroid, Queer eye for the Tyhrranoid... and more.
DreadZone was the most popular and most watched reality holovision channel, watched by as many as 6 trillion fans right across 4 different galaxies, including the Solana, Bogon, Polaris and Thyrullian galaxies. It was popular with the more sadistic and gladiator obsessed crowd of people however, and was not very well liked by people outside of the Shadow sector who had a sense of morality and empathy for the heroes that died during the combat sport.


"It's because my fans can't STAND ACE HARDLIGHT!!!!"
~Vox pissed off about the bad Hardlight merchandise sales.

Vox wasn't always extremely rich and wealthy with lots of power at hand. He used to live a relatively normal life until one of his relatives died; a relative who happened to have a very large fortune of bolts and was also the owner of Vox Industries and Vox Airlines (Which at the time, were used for non-illegal deeds). Gleeman was the first in line for inheriting the fortune, and thus he did. At first, Gleeman was unsure what to do with all the money and wealth, until one morning when he saw two of his cousins fighting over a breakfast burrito... which suddenly gave him the idea of starting DreadZone, where people are forced to fight for their lives in combat. But what kind of people? He thought harder and then decided that maybe he could kidnap great superheroes and force them to fight for their lives in the arena. On Live Holovision.
To him, this sounded like a genius idea, and so DreadZone began...

It took a few years but with the seemly unlimited amount of bolts and industries working under his name, he had very little problem with getting the DreadZone Station set up and ready. Of course, he had to do so somewhere on the outskirts of the galaxy, in an area called the Shadow Sector of the Solana galaxy. A place that was lawless... perfect for his sinister schemes. After the Battledome was complete, the hero kidnapping scheme begun and he captured at least 15 heroes as a start, using his army of DreadZone robots to do his deeds and fit the unfortunate heroes with deadlock collars - a device he designed for contestants so they wouldn't try to escape, and if they did, they'd be shocked painfully or be decapitated.

It also wasn't long until he found Ace Hardlight... oddly enough, he never sent his forces to capture him. Instead, he found Ace after he crashed his ship onto his private home asteroid. Confused, Gleeman went outside to investigate and he was surprised to see that Ace was inside the spaceship. He was knocked out, but still alive. He gets his DreadZone bots to take Hardlight to the Battledome and to fit him with a deadlock collar. Ace was an unpopular hero at the time, because it was only just a few days after the accidental destruction of Bolden 3, and he was a wanted 'criminal' by the Solana police. But Vox didn't mind, he knew that Ace was a talented hero and that he may put on a good show at DreadZone.

And he was right, Ace Hardlight proved to be the best contestant at DreadZone, and was attracting a lot of fame and high ratings to the Vox channels, especially the main DreadZone channel. It was a good first season for his business and he was gaining lots of attention from 4 different galaxies. But near the end of the season, he forced the last few heroes to fight to the death... which lead to some controversy but the DreadZone fans didn't seem to care, and only cared about who would win. No body seemed to understand that the heroes were prisoners, not volunteering gladiators. Ace Hardlight ends up defeating and killing the last 3 heroes, as they tried to gang up against him. This amazed Vox, as the season was brought to and end and now Ace had become his instant favorite, and seemed to be a very popular gladiator with viewers...

And so, the carnage continued for 5 whole seasons, with Ace dominating the scoreboards each season and destroying any other heroes who stood in his way. Vox was now one of the wealthiest people in the Solana galaxy and almost nothing could stop him, the kidnapping of heroes and his DreadZone ways. The 5th season was the most violent, and he had a team of Exterminators such as Shellshock, Reactor and then later on, the Eviscerator. Ace Hardlight was on the road to becoming the captain of the Exterminator gang, and he achieves it after killing Captain Starshield, his 13th hero kill of the 5th DreadZone season. It seemed as if nothing could stop his psychotic and murderous ways, and Vox's insanity and wealth...

that's until he finally kidnaps Ratchet, Clank and Al... for the 6th season of DreadZone...

The species name for Vox 'Slademan' was mentioned in an official newsletter released years ago, but I can't find the source of it anymore... but yeah, I didn't make it up though. I would have made up a race name if I had to though. There is also a rumor that he has a Blarg fetish too, which will be poked fun at several times during the story, lol.

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