The Eviscerator

The Eviscerator


Physical description

Karnifex cyborg



 Eye Colour



2.83m (9.3 feet)

 Occupation Exterminator


 Current status


The Eviscerator was the last to join the Exterminator gang. He joined sometime during the 4th season, after being captured by Vox's forces to be forced into the arena for bloodsport. However, it was hard for Vox to communicate with the Eviscerator as he didn't speak a language of any kind; nor did he even know what his name was.

But after seeing the insect-hybrid in action in the arena, Vox named him the Eviscerator... from the way he dealt with his opponents. He was vicious and would kill any alien or robot that came up against him, quick and swiftly.... causing a huge bloody mess if the unfortunate opponent happened to be an organic life form. His killings shocking many viewers who watched his arena match-ups. One time, he even showed a contestant their own bladders, before finishing him off. He was much more violent than Ace Hardlight ever was, though he usually killed heroes very quickly and swiftly rather than killing them slowly. No one survived more than 60 seconds against him.

He didn't seem to mind this new 'life' at DreadZone now and seemed to really enjoy getting a chance to kill for the entertainment of billions. However, he was nowhere near as cocky as the other exterminators and seemed to be rather calm and smart, minus being able to speak. he was even known to be a Fantastic chef, able to cut perfect filets from many different species to be used in fancy gourmet meals and even seemed to know a lot about fine wine, and would sometimes serve his masters at DreadZone. But because he was a robot-alien hybrid, he didn't eat or taste anything.

He also didn't seem to mind Ace at all, and had no problem with him - while Ace didn't mind him neither. Although sometimes Ace got a little bit jealous of the Eviscerators kills. But much later during the 6th season, the Eviscerator is finally cut down and destroyed by Ratchet, putting an end to his carnage.

The Eviscerator currently holds the Galaxy's record for causing the most 'soiled pants' among viewers, after one of his extremely gory death matches in the Battledome. Surpassing Ace's record by far. Although Ace still holds the record for the most Hero kills at DreadZone.
I have yet to draw these 3 Exterminators (Shellshock, Reactor and Eviscerator!)

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