Devan Vergunsbane

Devan Vergunsbane


Physical description






 Eye Colour

Light Yellow


2.74m (8.9 feet)

 Occupation Army General

The Blargian Army

 Current status


General Vergunsbane was like an apprentice to Chairmen Drek, with a mind flowing of evil just as the Blarg leader himself. Devan is the general of the Orxon Army, in charge of the Blargian wars against other planets over recourses; as their home planet was overpopulated and extremely polluted, forcing them to find other ways of fueling their growing army and race. He's quite a lot different to Drek in appearance, is much taller and somewhat fit for a Blarg leader, sometimes even joining in on the invasions alongside the other Blarg soldiers. He's even rumored to be the inventor of the R.Y.N.O, one of the most powerful handheld missile launchers in the galaxy... as he often carries around one with him, although it was the prototype version.

But once the Sonic 7 finally decided to take on the Orxon army, he become somewhat concerned but still headstrong and believed nothing could stop them in their paths, as their numbers were very high and even the Galactic authorities had great trouble fighting off the Blarg armies. But the Sonic 7 proved to be a powerful team of superheroes and were hitting his army hard, causing many casualties from his side while the superhero team still remained in one piece. Frustrated, he decided to try and take on the team himself and even manages to injure a few members with his dangerous weapon, though not critically... disappointing Devan. Nonetheless he believed next time he got the chance, he could finally take one or a few of their lives with a clear shot.

This angered Ace Hardlight though, and he wanted revenge on Devan for hurting his team, and for not stopping the endless blarg attacks on planets in the Solana galaxy. Before Devan prepared to lead the way with yet another invasion, he was caught by surprise when Ace snuck onboard into his Blargian Battleship... Ace almost gets a clear shot of Devan but he notices and quickly moves aside, and gets out his own weapon... and the fight begun. They fought on for several minutes, both firing from their own weapons and dodging each shot that came from the opposing weapon, Ace had to be extra careful though as the RYNO's ammo was very powerful though his holoclones came in handy to cause the missiles to hit them instead while his true self dodges the shots. This dragged on until their ammo began to run dry, and now Ace was becoming impatient. Devan called on out some backup, which Ace managed to fight off successfully and now Devan was in trouble. Tired and out of expensive RYNO firepower, he tries to make an escape out of the Battleship but Ace catches up with the Blaarg leader, and finally knocks down and kills Devan.

His death was a huge victory to the Sonic 7 and the people of the Solana Galaxy, as it stopped the repetitive and ruthless war invasions lead by Devan and Drek. The news of his death was a huge blow to Orxon and Chairman Drek was infuriated. Drek decided to stop with the Orxon army wars for a while, as he plots a new and even more evil plan against the Solana Galaxy... and he finally gets this chance years later, after the Sonic 7's reputation fell apart and Ace was out of the picture...

Even though Devan is almost as evil as Drek himself, he doesn't care so much about making money and a huge fortune... instead, he cares deeply about his people and will do anything to help keep them thriving and living. He is also completely unaware that it was Drek who purposely polluted their home planet, just so Drek could someday take over (or create) his own planet, to gain a huge fortune of bolts out of it from its inhabitants... he also doesn't actually appear during the story, he's a major villain Ace dealt with during his heroic days though.

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