Daryn Aygo

Daryn Aygo


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Daryn Aygo was the first DreadZone news anchorman, hired by Vox during the early stages of DreadZone. He was a typical news presenter and commentator, reading out the daily DreadZone sports updates, deaths, events, and so on. He also complimented, taunted and commented on the contestants at DreadZone, during the arena match-ups. he especially found it fun to torment Ace Hardlight, when he was captured and forced into the arena challenges. He knew that Ace was recently involved in the Bolden 3 disaster, so he would taunt him about it, hurting Ace's feelings immensly. But over time... Ace became used to it, but hestill held a big grudge against Daryn. Ace would even try shooting at Daryn with his Launcher, but to no avail; as Daryn was too far away and out of range.

It wasn't until the second season of DreadZone that Daryn 'mysteriously'' didn't show up for work one morning. That very same day, Ace was given the privilege to stay inside the main area of the DZ station, where all the fancy apartments were located.

Later that day, the DZ Testbots revealed what happened to Daryn Aygo. They found his dead body, with his face in a pool of blood down the main hallway. No one knew who murdered him, until Gleeman Vox had a good laugh at watching the security footage of Ace walking past him down the hallway, only to stop in his track and deliver a powerful punch to Daryn's abdomen, crushing his chest and ribs; ultimately killing him - in an instant.

And so, he was no longer assigned as an Anchormen for DreadZone.

Daryn was created to be the 'first" anchorman of DreadZone. Before the time Dallas and Juanita ended up
getting the job! Daryn does not survive very long... for obvious reasons.

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