Dallas Wanamaker

Dallas Wanamaker


Physical description





Late 30's

 Eye Colour



2.22m (7.2 feet)

 Occupation News Anchorman

Vox Media Empire

 Current status


"You know what, Juaaaanita? I think, I think that after we retire from DreadZone, we should start up our OWN HV show. You know? One starring the twoooo of us. We could even get married in the very first episode for high raaaatings"
~Drunk Dallas talking with Juanita.

Dallas is a news presenter of Vox news, a worker who joined DreadZone along with Juanita sometime during its 2nd season. He doesn't usually take his job seriously though and would often do things such as yawn, cough and spin around on his chair during the live news broadcasts as Juanita reads out the latest news. But he enjoys his job and will read out news as well, and would always taunt, comment on and compliment the DreadZone heroes who are competing during challenges and make fun of people, especially Ratchet. he also seemed to like violence a bit, like Juanita; but wasn't as sadistic as she was. Before being a news presenter, he always wanted to be a ballet dancer; which he mentions a few times during his time at DreadZone.

He also has a strong liking for his fellow work partner and would always flirt with Juanita; trying to gain her affection and respect, but failing 95% of the time. She was more attracted and interested in Ace Hardlight, but Dallas didn't seem to mind that and would still try to flirt with her. he also didn't mind that she was a robot, as he admired her for who she was. He was also a big fan of Hardlight and would compliment him whenever they saw each other during their employee breaks (Even though Ace thought he was annoying), and Ace was the main reason he and Juanita started work at DreadZone in the first place, as they were big fans of Ace and the DreadZone channel and their previous job didn't show 'enough violence'.

Dallas' race name is obviously made up by me. I had to come up with a species name because his race is common throughout the story during the DreadZone years (they are the main organic race that works for Gleeman Vox at the DreadZone station), and I didn't want to have to keep referring to his kind as 'the antenna people" and "unknown aliens" etc. The word Voelhomen means "Antenna man".

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