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67cm (2.2 feet)

 Occupation Senior Caretaker of the Great Clock
 Weapon of Choice



The Great Clock & Team Darkstar

 Current status


"I do not understand..."
~Clank responding to Ace Hardlight's sadistic remark.

Clank is Ratchet's best friend who has helped Ratchet along with his adventures since the very beginning of Ratchet's road to becoming a galactic hero. He started off as the one leading the way to the defeat of Drek, by meeting Ratchet and helping the lombax with finishing off building his homemade spaceship, thus their adventures begin. However, Clank was somewhat naive at first, and believed Captain Qwark could save the galaxy from Drek's evil plans, which is later revealed that Qwark was paid to work and fight for Drek. This causes Ratchet and Clank to become hostile and mean towards each other, but later they become good pals... especially after they both defeat Drek, not only saving Ratchet's 'home planet' at the time, but the whole galaxy too.


"Al, we must remain quiet but… I have acquired the blue-prints”
~Clank telling Big Al about the deadlock collar blueprints.

Clank fought and aided alongside Ratchet since that memorable defeat of the Blargian leader... helping stop the protopet invasion in the Bogon galaxy, aiding in the defeat of Dr Nefarious but unfortunately, could not join Ratchet in his battles during the time they were both kidnapped (along with Al) during DreadZone. However, he did give Ratchet advice during the challenges through his armors communication unit. Clank and Al even almost find a way to escape DreadZone, by removing the collars but unfortunately as Al took off Clanks collar, Al was shot in the head and shoulder, knocking him to the ground and injuring him badly. Clank and Ratchet were shocked to see that it was Ace Hardlight who did it, and Ratchet was helpless to stop Ace, after getting electrocuted by his collar. Clank was forced to put the deadlock collar back on... and now Clank and Ratchet wanted revenge for what Ace did to their plan of escape, and fatally inuring their friend.

Fortunately, Ratchet is successful in defeating Ace during the tournament and by now, Clank had figured out a better plan of escape, which will even help the other heroes held captive. He had the help from Big Al, who apparently survived the 'fatal' lasershot from Ace, but had to become a cyborg. The team is successful in defeating Gleeman Vox and rescuing everyone from the DreadZone station... leaving it behind to explode, with only an injured Vox left behind to be one with the explosion.

From those days and onwards, Clank and Ratchet carry on their adventures, until Clank is taken away by the Zoni, a mysterious race of creatures, known to travel through time and space. Clank it eventually found later on, but had been kidnapped by Dr Nefarious, as Clank was apparently the new guardian of 'The Great Clock', a mysterious machine, built to repair paradox damage from many years ago by Clanks father, Orvus (A Zoni). Many things happen during this time, with much being discovered about Clanks past and destiny... and the fact that he indeed has a soul, just within a small robots body, created on the Planet Quartu, while his soul was created by Orvus, as a child of his own for inheriting the Great Clock someday. Clank has to face some big decisions, to stay at the Great clock to protect it from evil, or to stay with Ratchet and aid him on his adventures...

Clank does not have a huge impact on my story, to be honest. This is because he had little to do with Ace's life, however Clank is still a very important character! Just not so much in Ace's story. Clank is still my favourite robot character in the R&C series! (with Juanita being my favourite female robot!)

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