Chairman Drek

Chairman Drek


Physical description






 Eye Colour



1.5m (5 feet)

 Occupation Chairman of Orxon (formerly)
 Weapon of Choice



Blargian Goverment

 Current status


          "And if you don't like it, then you can take your whiny, sniveling, snot-nose populations,
          form a line behind me and kiss my-   wait we're still on? Well turn it off you idiot!!"

Drek is a chairman of the Blaarg race, almost viewed as a leader by the Blaarg themselves. He is responsible for the destruction of planets and eventual deaths of many people across the galaxy; even several extinctions of races. He will do almost anything for cash - being a businessmen. Even betray his own people by purposely polluting his home planet, so that he could one day create a new planet (with the help of his Blaargian army and scientists) make a fortune as the Blaarg move in, pollute it again, and then repeat the cycle - all for cash. His own race were completely unaware of this.
As dark hearted as he may be, he would never forget his mothers birthday.


          "That blasted space puma! How dare he make a mockery out of my high ranked General!"
              ~Drek after finding out about Ace's sucess against Devan Vurgensbane.

Drek has had a history with Ace Hardlight and the Sonic 7. Before he started up his schemes with creating a new home planet; he would often order his army to invade other inhabited planets, in hope to conquer the planets and gain more recourses - as well as give the Blaarg a new home to stay (as Orxon was so heavily polluted, that people had to stay deep inside their homes to survive). However, Ace and his team often managed to stop his wicked ways, angering Drek and his second in command - General Devan. He ordered Devan to get rid of Ace and the Sonic 7, and he almost succeeded after Devan used the prototype of the R.Y.N.O - the most powerful handheld missile launcher in the galaxy. It wounded half of the Sonic 7 team, but they escaped to recover. unfortunately for Drek, Devan was killed by an angry Ace Hardlight later on after the incident. This put a lot of pressure on Drek and the Blaargian army and so they stopped with their invasions for the meantime, as the Sonic 7 were proving too much to face up to. But a year on after Devan's death, Ace disappears and the rest of the Sonic 7 get taken into custody after Bolden 3 was destroyed -  thus Drek is now free to terrorize the Solana Galaxy once again, and build up on his planet-busting scheme and set his plans to creating the new home world for the Blaarg. The Solana Galactic Rangers struggle against his assaults, and several planets are destroyed. He even almost wiped out the whole Grummel race. The destruction he inflicts on the Solana Galaxy continues for a few years... at least until Ratchet and Clank come into the picture...

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