Captain Copernicus Qwark

Captain Qwark


Physical description





in his 40's

 Eye Colour



3m (10 feet)

 Occupation Polaris Galactic President
 Weapon of Choice

His Trusty Blaster (And his Ego)


Polaris Goverment

 Current status


           "Have a Qwarktastic Day!"
            ~Captain Qwark

Captain Qwark is a somewhat 'self proclaimed' hero, famous in the Solana galaxy, though also known in the Polaris and Bogon galaxies. He has often 'tagged along' with Ratchet during his adventures, often only to try and gain more popularity and undeserved praise from people saved by Ratchet himself. Qwark however, did actually defeat a formidable supervillain, know as Dr Nefarious, twice. Though he was responsible for Dr Nefarious' robotic transformation, and other big mistakes throughout the adventures of Ratchet and Clank, but has helped the duo on some occasions. Captain Qwark was also a famous hero during the times of the Sonic 7's success in the Solana galaxy, years before Ratchet's rise to becoming a superhero. Ace and the Sonic 7 are not very fond of Qwark and they  try avoiding him, especially Ace; who thought Qwark was one of the stupidest and most overrated people in the universe. They simply left Qwark to deal with Dr Nefarious and the Amoeboid's during those times, as the Galactic authorities believed Qwark was the 'top man' for the job. However, the Sonic 7 did become even more popular than Captain Qwark for a while, up until the team was involved in a big disaster, causing their popularity to drop suddenly... while Qwark became the big spotlight again, much to Qwark's favour.

Qwark is never seen throughout the whole entire story, nor does he ever get to meet Ace Hardlight in person. But he is mentioned numerous times; usually out of jokes and spite!

The word 'qwark' is also occasionally used as a swearword on planet Vaelidius.

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