Captain Starshield

Captain Starshield


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2.48m (8.1 feet)

 Occupation Intergalactic Superhero
 Weapon of Choice

Starshield Lancer


The Solana Goverment

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"I am not afraid. But I am disappointed… and horrified by what you have done. What do you get out of killing all those heroes? How could you do this to them and upset so many people? Do you not have a heart at all?"
~Starshield speaking with Ace Hardlight.

Captain Starshield was a famous and well respected intergalactic hero, who helped many people across the Solana galaxy and other galaxies alike. His popularity even rivaled the 'great' Captain Qwark, except he was far more true to his heroic name than Qwark. He was a solitary hero, who often worked on his own in his missions of saving planets and starcruisers, usually only with his small, specialized starfighter ship. He was also good on land, swift and flexible when it came to avoiding enemies and shots from their blasters. And precise with shooting his weapons, which included his modified Lancer (from the Bogon galaxy) which he called the Star Lancer. He was known to have saved Solana from a Robotic Pirate Ghost threat, the Thyrullian Galaxy from 2 separate invasions of Space Locusts and also the Bogon Galaxy, when it was being threatened by an Amoeboid Mafia Ring.

Unfortunately for him though, he was kidnapped by Gleeman Vox's henchman after he was found investigating a distress call from the Shadow Sector of the Solana Galaxy. Shocked, he realized he was captured to be forced into a combat sport, known as DreadZone. And he also noticed other heroes were imprisoned here, and he wanted to help them escape somehow. But matters got worse and the captured heroes were dying in the challenges, but then he was even more shocked and disturbed to notice that another former 'hero' had been the major cause of at least 12 of the hero deaths that season, Ace Hardlight! He doesn't understand why, but decides that he should stay clear of Ace and he simply carries on the DreadZone challenges, gaining much dreadpoints and a lot of support from fans, inside and outside of DreadZone. Ace notices this however, and becomes somewhat jealous of his efforts. Starshield had enough dreadpoints to come face to face with Ace now, but was avoiding the Liberator challenge.
Ace notices this though, and comes to visit Starshield at his part of the hero captivity area. Starshield tries to reason with Ace, and asks him why he's doing what he's doing. Ace of course, simply shoves him aside and threatens him, demanding that he comes face to face with him at the Battledome but Starshield refuses, saying he isn't a murderer and doesn't want to kill any other heroes, good or bad. Ace then leaves, giving him the devious warning "Watch your Back"...

And unfortunately, the worst does come.

He didn't go to the Battledome of course, he simply went into another side challenge, shooting at DreadZone bots and he seemed to be in a good mood, knowing that he almost had enough dreadpoints to be 'released' (though Vox would never release any heroes anyway) he's about to finish a challenge successfully... until he is completely caught off guard and shot coldly in the back by a powerful laser from Ace Hardlight's launcher, which vaporized him instantly, leaving nothing but ash and his Lancer.
Ace had now killed him, and this was his 13th hero kill for season 5.

And that was Captain Starshield's end.

Starshield had hardly any screentime and role during Ratchet: Deadlocked. So there wasn't much I could do with his character, but I did expand him a bit more! To make him at least a little more interesting.

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