Big Al

Big Al


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1.97 metres (6.4 feet)

 Occupation IT and Gadget Professional
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The Q Force & Team Darkstar

 Current status


         "Ratchet how COULD you? What did little Coco ever do to you!?"
              ~Big Al believing the lies about Ratchet on Vox News

Al is one of Ratchets trusted friends, and a member of a former team known as the Q-Force. He is very intelligent and was always good when it came to cracking and hacking computers, data-discs and anything electronic. He has helped Ratchet and Clank out during some of their adventures, even sometime during their very first adventure.


          "Silence! Can't you see I'm trying to concentrate!?
          ~Big Al hushing Ratchet as he works to remove the deadlock collar from Clank.

He, along with Ratchet and Clank were kidnapped by Gleeman Vox's forces though and forced into Dreadzone... as Ratchet became a new competitor there. Al and Clank weren't allowed to join alongside Ratchet however and were in charge of other duties at Ratchet's Containment area of the dreadzone station. Though he was glad not to be part of the action, and happily helped Ratchet with his teammate robots, Merc and Green... a pair of combat robots he salvaged from another hero, who was killed at Dreadzone by one of the Exterminators.
He also was a big fan of Captain Starshield, and was shocked when he found out about his death before being kidnapped.

Al and Clank try to find out ways to remove the Deadlock collars from their necks, and further into the dreadzone season after Ratchet finally defeats the Eviscerator... Ratchet arrives back at the station as Al finally figures out how to take off Clanks collar, without it detonating! Ratchet praises Al, but their excitement is short lived and they didn't realize that Ace was spying on them and he attacks, shooting from his launcher and 'fatally' injuring Big Al, causing him to scream out and become unconscious from the badly injured face and arm. Ratchet tries to attack Ace in return but fails, and Clank is forced to put his collar back on by Ace.

Al is taken to the hospital area of the Dreadzone station, while Ratchet and Clank believe that Al had died from his severe injuries. However, he was able to be saved by having his damaged arm removed, and part of his head and face replaced with new cybernetic parts. Al was now a cyborg, and after waking to find out... he really didn't seem to mind, and thought it 'looked cool'. He shocked both Clank and Ratchet when they saw that he wasn't dead, but they were glad either way and he helped Clank to finally find a way to free all the heroes at the dreadzone station and they all manage to escape, after Ratchet defeats Gleeman Vox at the end as the Dreadzone station explodes.

After all the drama, Al heads back to Kerwan to start up a Ratchet fanclub, with many children joining and every member wearing 'fuzzy lombax ears'.

Al, in Ratchet Deadlocked/Gladiator is actually shot in the backside by Ace, which is strange because when you see him again after being released from the hospital, he now haw a robotic arm and half of his face is robotic. Even though Ace did not shoot Al anywhere near the head or shoulder. Which is why I changed it in the story.

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