Bettilena Flightfire

Bettilena Flightfire


Physical description

Valkyrie (robot)





 Eye Colour



2.3m (7.5 feet)

 Occupation Galactic Mercenary
 Weapon of Choice

Valkyrie Javelin.. and the jandal.


The Seven Seekers

 Current status


"I say we take them on. I know the many weaknesses of the Space Pirates. Me and my sisters used to deal with them quite frequently back when I was still in the Polaris Galaxy!"
~Betty accepting a challenge against Space Pirates

Bettilena is a long time member of the Seven Seekers. Betty is a kind hearted and positive person, but due to her nature she wasn't well liked by other Valkyrie. Which is why she left Vapedia with Kurt to pursue a new life of freedom. A choice she never regretted making. She has been there right from the start of Ace's adoption into the team; even raising him as if he were her own son.
Even after all he did at DreadZone, she would still forgive him. And it was shown right after he was picked up from Zordoom Prison; welcoming him with open arms.

Bettilena may come off as silly and naive to some, but she isn't quite that. She is a skilled warrior and is the best pilot in the Seeker team. In fact, she was the one who taught Ace how to drive a spaceship when he was just 13. She also is in charge of the main controls within the Star Seeker; their spaceship travel unit and permanent home. As well as fighting by air and space, she also likes to join in on group combat from time to time. She is a Flying Valkyrie design, and so she is able to release a pair of wings when needed.

She loves to cook, despite not being able to 'taste' the things she makes. She often gets Aster to be her 'taste' tester for the things she makes.
Bettilena also prefers to be called by the name of Betty.


”You ARE alive…! Oh how much we missed you…”
~Betty after seeing that Ace is still alive at Zordoom Prison.

Bettilena joined after helping Kurt on Vapedia. She noticed he was struggling against an assault of aggressive Valkyrie warriors and decided to help him... fight against her own people! But she did it, as she was seen as a sort of 'outcast' by the other valkyries. They didn't like her for being too kind, somewhat strange and showing interest in the outside world... they demanded that she started acting like the rest of the race, aggressive, careless towards others and tough but she couldn't, so she stayed out of their sight, trying to find a way to leave Vapedia in search of a better life and kinder crowd, and she got the chance after helping Kurt. And she leaves the planet with him, beginning her great adventures with a team about to form over the next few weeks and years...

Bettilena enjoys her life after leaving her home world and helps Kurt in his adventures and missions, and even helps get Aster in their small team at the time. By now, she starts to prefer being called by the short name 'Betty' instead, and even starts to take interest in cooking, after watching holovision shows involving cooking, especially Robochef. Even though she doesn't eat or drink 'real' food herself, she begins to enjoy making meals for the other teammates, and once the rest of the team comes into the family, she begins to enjoy it even more and does it as her main non-combat themed hobby.
To the younger team members, she is seen as a sort of 'motherly figure' and she enjoyed 'babysitting' them while they were young and dependent.

However, despite being a very friendly and kind Sonic 7 member, she is still a warrior at heart and doesn't hesitate getting into battleship fights, and will even join the danger on foot with the other team members if they needed her aid. She preferred to stay in the Sonic Starfighter though, to command the turrets, or pilot her own jet for the space battles.

But after the big disaster with the accidental destruction of Bolden 3, and after Ace leaves the team... she becomes upset. But she kept believing he would return after having some 'time out' but was terrified to learn about what he was doing at DreadZone. Almost the whole team was outraged and upset, but Betty was only upset and simply didn't believe Ace did the bad things by purpose and kept saying that he was just 'confused'... clearly not wanting to believe he had turned evil and sadistic. She also often said that she'll welcome him back into the team with open arms if that day ever came, no matter how much he had changed nor what he did. She simply couldn't hate him.


Betty is a very kind hearted and bubbly person at heart, often smiling and looking on the bright side of things. SHe is also very open minded towards others (except when it comes to Space Pirates).
This is evident when Ace is eventually reunited with the team years later.

Even so, she can sometimes become aggressive when something gets on her nerves. She dislikes it when people discriminate organic lifeforms when comparing them with robots. But she also will not tolerate people negatively speaking about robotic woman neither! Especially in a sexist sort of nature.

Weapons and abilities

Bettilena doesn't use much weapons in group combat. The rest of her team usually has more than enough firepower in their aid, although she would still join in on the action. She has her Valkyrie javelin to use in combat; often prefering to fly about with her expanded wings.
Her main specialty is piloting though, and she is a superb fighter in space when taking on waves of enemy spacecraft.

Bettilena was one of the first Sonic 7/Seven Seekers I came up with. After learning of this team, I immediately imagined that at least ONE of the team members had to be kind and motherly (seeing that they adopted Ace) so I made her. Her idea actually came from a New Zealand puddling brand called "Aunt Betty's". She also speaks with a New Zealand accent.

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