Aster Aftershock

Aster Aftershock


Physical description






 Eye Colour

Yellow and Cyan


2.6m (8.5 feet)


430kg (948 lb)

 Occupation Galactic Mercenary
 Weapon of Choice

Lava Lasher 6000, Mini-nuke


The Seven Seekers

 Current status



Aster is one of the early Sonic 7 members, the 3rd member to join years back... after his life was saved by Kurt and Bettilena. Despite his formidable appearance and species, he's really a nice guy on the inside who likes to joke around and chat with others, though when it comes to fighting for the team, he is very rough and skilled from the training he got while he was still in the Orxon Army. He specializes in using heavy weaponry, such as bombs, grenades, rocket launchers and pyrocitor type weapons.


"Well he seems to be very convinced it wasn’t us who accidentally destroyed… Bolden 3”
~Aster questioning Kurt about Bolden 3's destruction.

Aster didn't always fight against evil forces with the Sonic 7. In his earlier years, he was forced into Executive Chairman Devan's Orxon army (Devan was the leader of the Blaarg army back then), and once worked alongside other Blarg soldiers, simply following Devan's orders and causing destruction and havoc on other helpless planets, usually over recourses as the Blaargs home planet was terribly polluted and overpopulated and they were running low on recourses themselves. And during these times of being in the Army, he was simply a mindless Devan follower... up until he is caught in a huge explosion, that injured him so badly that it seemed as if he'd die at the scene. But he wasn't dead, however he was left behind by his own people... and this is when Kurt and Betty find him, and save his life by taking him into a hospital and where he became a blarg cyborg.

Aster was very thankful for this, and expressed his gratitude to Kurt and Betty, and also begged them if he could fight along side them, saying that he'll do anything to make it up to them, and that he never wants to go back to the army or have anything to do with Devan and Drek again. He is reluctantly accepted into the team by Kurt, but Betty didn't seem to mind from the start, as she believed he was nice but Kurt was unsure and kept an eye on him in case he changed.

But he changed for the good, and from then on he became an important member of the Sonic 7, and never wanted to leave them. he also seemed to be very fond of Bettilena, possibly because she was the main one who helped him get into the team, or maybe because of her very good cooking! As the team finally got their younger members a few years later (Jake, Jenna, Lira and Ace) he helped with training them in using weapons and physical combat. He was also a bit of a joker, and often would taunt the team members for laughs, but would also compliment them at times too. He was also the toughest and roughest member of the team, that's until Ace grew up and started to defeat him in wrestling matches! Despite being bigger and heavier than the much younger hero.

However, after the terrible events which lead to the Sonic 7 becoming extremely unpopular and leading to Ace Hardlights upsetting leave, he becomes bitter to know what Ace does after the rest of the team found out about his DreadZone ways... but he still tried to have a good spirit within the rest of the team, as they dealt with the hard times during those days. The team was sentenced to 10 years community service after Bolden 3 was destroyed, He and the others avoided Jail time because of their heroic deeds they've done before then, and because the Galactic judge believed Ace should be in prison, not the rest of the team. Aster didn't seem to mind the sentence though, as he liked helping out other people in the community with his team/family, but he did often wonder if Ace would ever pay for the bad things he did at DreadZone, but like the rest of the team, he didn't believe Ace was responsible for Bolden 3's destruction.


Aster Aftershock is a cheerful and open minded guy, cracking random jokes whenever he feels like it.

Weapons and abilities

Aster specializes in heavy artillery,

Aster is a robosexual. After becoming a cyborg and joining the Sonic 7/Seven Seekers... he became 'unattractive' to the female blarg. Because he showered twice a week; while normal blargians bathe only twice a year. And because he was part robot.

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