Ace Hardlight

Ace Hardlight
Ace Hardlight

Bolden 3

Physical description






 Eye Colour



2.75m (9.0 feet)


397kg (876 lb)

 Occupation Galactic Mercenary
 Weapon of Choice

Hardlight Launcher


The Seven Seekers

 Current status


Ace Hardlight has changed since his days as a Superhero and a DreadZone Gladiator. He was given the chance to be free from prison by a certain former Polaris Police member; after Ace's good behaviour was noticed by the authorities working at Zordoom Prison.
Ace was very uncertain about the idea of being let out at first; especially so early. But as he spent more time with the Seekers as a galactic mercenary, he began to enjoy it; finding it fun to fight wrong-doing villains again.
Although he generally liked to keep out of the 'superhero' style missions to avoid unwanted attention. Even so it did take some time for the entire Seeker team to accept him again, after what he did at DreadZone.


Tough start in life...

Ace Hardlight is the youngest member in the Sonic 7, but is also known to be the strongest and most cunning of the team. Born into tough times, he was sent to an orphanage on a distant planet known as Bolden 3 by his parents, for unknown reasons as of yet. He ends up spending his first birthday here and the staff of the orphanage are left with not much clues of his origins, besides a message asking them to keep him safe and his first name. He spends the next 4 years here until he is finally noticed by a 'family', though more notably a team of super heroes known as the Sonic 6. Ace at the time was a little troublesome, always wanting to go outside to look for adventure and didn't seem to get along well with the other children... so he was unsure about these new 'strangers' wanting to take him in.

But after he leaves with this new family, his thoughts quickly change as he realizes they're no ordinary people. He becomes fascinated by their superhero work, and is inspired to be like them someday. As he gets older, he starts to get along well with most of the team and starts to see Kurt as a sort of 'fatherly' figure and mentor, while Bettilena was almost like a mother or crazy aunt, Aster like a joking uncle while Jake liked to often refer to Ace as 'little bro', though Ace didn't call him bro in return but didn't mind Jake's 'nickname'. He and Jenna sometimes would fight though (especially while young), but would still get along sometimes. They were sort of like siblings. He, Jake and Jenna would often hang out together during their spare time.

Tagging along with the team...

As he approached teenage hood, he was already tagging along in the teams adventures and battles, almost fearless and proving to be quite skillful for his age. He learns from the older members, especially Kurt; in how to fight and defend himself and how to use a wide range of weaponry. He also becomes interested in designing his own weapons, and he ends up building his favorite weapon, which he nicknames the Hardlight launcher. It has several different functions, from basic lasershots, sniper style mods and tracking plasma beams. he also invents a gadget that becomes useful in future battles, called the 'Hardlight Holoclone Device', or just Holo-Device for short. He uses this gadget to create several holocopies of himself during combat, but they're no ordinary copies. He's able to control each one individually with his mind using the gadget part he wears on his head while the part on his chest armor helps create the 'image' of himself.
When he's a teen, he can only create about 2 at a time for fights but as he becomes more experienced and older, he is able to create even more... confusing many foes and defeating them quickly, as even the holoclones are able to hurt the foes, not just his real self. However, if his real self if hurt too much during combat he loses focus of all the holoclones and they disappear, but if the clones are attacked then nothing happens until they take too much damage and simply vanish.
Along with his smarts, he also trains himself up a lot and becomes the toughest in the team, even pummeling Aster in training rounds. Jake now didn't usually refer to him as 'little bro' as Ace was far more muscular and even taller than him. He sometimes would use hand to hand combat in fights, when in close range.

(work in progress)

(work in progress)

Weapons and abilities
Ace Hardlight has a minimal range of weapons in his arsenal. He prefers to use his own custom-made weapons; his most iconic weapon being the 'Hardlight Launcher'.
He created it during his teenager years. (work in progress)

(coming soon)

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